Notetaker plugin for Moodle - allows students to take public or private notes within a course.

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Notetaker module

A simple notetaker activity plugin for Moodle that allows a student to create notes within a course.

If the notetaker instance is set to allow public notes, the student can choose whether their notes should be private and only visible to themselves, or to make them public and share them with other course participants.

Teachers can manage all notes including those set to private.

Each note can be tagged. Notes can be searched by name.

Notetaker overview page


Follow the general installing plugins documentation.


Activity configuration

  1. Select ‘Notetaker’ from the activity chooser.
  2. In Edit settings > General > Description, text entered here will display at the top of the main notetaker page.
  3. In Edit settings > Appearance > Allow public notes, choose Yes if you wish to give students the option to make their notes public.
  4. Save and display.

Adding notes

  1. On the course page, click on the notetaker activity.
  2. Click on the Add note button.
  3. Enter note title and note content (required) and tags (optional).
  4. If Allow public notes was set to Yes during activity configuration, Make note public will be available. If set to Yes, the note will be visible to all course participants, otherwise the note will be private.
  5. Save changes.
Add note

Managing notes

  1. On the course page, click on the notetaker activity.
  2. Displayed here are previously added notes. If public notes are permitted, students can view all of their own private notes plus all public notes made by anybody. Teachers see an overview of all notes irrespective of privacy setting.
  3. Notes can be searched by name.
  4. To manage a note, click View on the note card on the notetaker overview page. At the bottom of the note, the student can Edit or Delete their own notes only. Teachers can manage all notes.
Search notes Manage note
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Video demo

Watch the video for a demonstration of the Notetaker plugin in Moodle 3.8.

Further information

Moodle 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10

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